Frogs and Crawdads

The boyI took my son, Calvin, for a walk in the woods the other day. He loves to “go hiking” especially when we go to a place where there is water. He’s becoming a real trouper – I rarely have to carry him back to the car anymore, he doesn’t whine too much when he falls on some slippery rocks, we even got caught in a torrential downpour where it rained so hard it hurt and by the time we got back to the car we were soaked to the bone and he still likes to go hiking.

This day was overcast with a 60% chance of rain so I wasn’t sure if we would get far before it rained. In the end it turned out great. The heavy low clouds threw a wrinkled grey blanket over the hills or “the land beyond” as Calvin called it while we were driving. It was damp, drippy, mossy green, and quiet as we walked in the twilight under the trees. The forest felt calm and content and willing to let a couple of gnats like us wander around for a couple three hours today.

As we walked through the woods Calvin had a lot to say about the strange fungi, the pretty flowers, and the various bugs that we saw. And he had tons of questions of course. He kept up a pretty constant stream of conversation.

Of course I led him down into a gully where I knew there would be water. He had on his yellow boots, but they didn’t keep his feet dry. In no time at all he had them filled as a result of chasing frogs into water that was too deep. As usual I followed suit by getting in over my hiking boots while taking pictures and hunting for crawdads. We let the stream lead us higher up and further into the woods.

While I took pictures, Calvin would look for frogs or drop fallen leaves onto the water to watch the current drag them downstream and over the small waterfalls.Rocks Usually I wasn’t done before he pulled me away so that we could see what was further on up the gully.

After a while I figured it was about time to turn back. Calvin started to protest, but he didn’t hold out for long. I reminded him that we had a long walk back and he decided after all he was starting to get a little tired. We made it back to the car without ever getting wet – well without getting wet from rain anyway.



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