A Rainy Day

Big FallsThe sky is grey and the air misty. Water drips from the trees half stripped of their leaves by the cool autumn winds. My clothes are wet and muddy and my feet are soaked even inside my boots from the slog up the ravine. A day and a night of steady rain hasn’t completely stopped yet. The sound of white rushing water echoing and re-echoing back and forth between the rock walls fills my ears so I can’t hear the beep of the timer on my camera or the snap of the mirror.

Fall_TopI’m starting to get a chill. I’ve put the camera away in my pack two or three times and started to walk away, but then I see something new and I get it out again and start setting the tripod back up.

Finally it is time to move on. I cannot go forward – steep walls on each side and the waterfall in front force me to retreat back down the ravine. I slosh through the water as it speeds past me down and around the stones carrying yellow leaves on its back. Ah, but wait, there’s something interesting over there – better get the camera out again.  

Red Leaf

Mossy Rocks



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