The Forest Rat Studio

Bemis BuildingSorry it has been so long since I wrote anything here. Seems like there has just been too much to do what with Christmas shopping and holiday events and trying to have the Forest Rat studio open at least sometimes. Speaking of the studio – here are some pictures of the place. The walls are still a little bare, but they’ll fill up as time goes on.

The gallery/studio is on the second floor of the Bemis Block on the main street of Canandaigua. There are shops on the lower floor, artist studios on the second floor, and a derelict ballroom on the third floor. I can’t remember exactly when it was built – mid-eighteen hundreds or so. I’ve heard stories from the locals about the ballroom being used for everything from dances to public meetings with speakers like Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass to of all things a circus.

OfficeThe studio is two rooms. We use the main room for hanging prints and there is a large table in the middle of the room that I use for framing. We use the smaller room for an office (the one painted orange). The office is right at the head of the stairs from the street and at the foot of the stairs going up to the ballroom. That small window with the shelf under it opens onto the hallway and I’ve been told that it is the old ticket window.

 Well, gotta run for now. I’ll post some new pics after the holidays.






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