Grimes Glen

TrilliumI was in Naples, NY to drop off a print that I’m donating to the Bristol Valley Theater for their annual silent art auction. This is the third or fourth year that I have donated. The performances are always very well done and I’m happy to help in my own small way to keep such a cultural asset playing here in the “sticks”. If you are in the area be sure and check it out.

Since I was in town, I thought I’d bring the camera and zip over to Grimes Glen for a quick walk. Oddly enough the glen sits right in the village at the end of Vine street. It isn’t exactly the wilderness, but there is a beautiful splashing rocky stream and three big waterfalls.

RootsIt was a misty sort of a day, kind of on the cool side, but there was no wind. The dark clouds always threatened rain, but the best they could do was the mist and an occasional sprinkle. It was sort of like being in a low temperature sauna. All the leaves were shiny wet and drippy. Not a bad day for taking photos actually.


Second Falls


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