Closer to home

ChuteThe weather has been really nice here in upstate NY the past week or so. There have been a couple of afternoons with heavy thunderstorms, but in between, skies have been big bright and blue with lots of puffy white clouds drifting lazily along. With cool temps around 68 and light breezes, you couldn’t ask for better weather to be out in the woods.

I had the week off work with big plans to get lots of projects done around the house.  Oh well. Those projects will be here when I get back, but this nice weather will be gone before you know it.

I stayed closer to home this week than last what with the big overnight trip to the mountains and all. I love the Adirondacks for the sheer size and wildness of the place. There are places there that you can actually get lost if you aren’t careful. Some of the more popular spots can be down right crowded, but there are lots of quieter places where you can walk all day without seeing another soul.

Red logOn the other hand, trips to the mountains can be harsh at times. I came back from the last trip tired, sore, and dehydrated with innumerable itchy bug bites that stayed with me for days despite the lingering taste of DEET in my mouth. Long walks in wild areas always call for dragging along lots of gear (just in case) and lots of liquids (there never seems to be enough). I take time along the way to shot photos and to just sit and ponder (when the bugs will let me), but still I often feel that I’m hurrying to reach some destination – a mountain peak or a pond or just trying to complete a circuit and get back to camp before dark.

This week I was back in my old stomping grounds – places that I’ve been hunting, fishing, and hiking in since I was kid going out with my father. The distances aren’t as great – 500 acres here or a couple thousand there. My paths are much more wandering and leisurely. I don’t need a map or survival gear or bug repellant. I wouldn’t even need a pack if it wasn’t for the camera stuff and a few candy bars.

AbstractishI love to walk light free and there’s nothin’ like leaning back against a big rock by a sun dappled splashing waterfall closing your eyes and listening to the sound of the water and the birds and the rustling leaves. I can shoot the whole day here without going far distance wise and without feeling pressured to get anywhere in particular.



3 Responses to “Closer to home”

  1. Bernie Kasper Says:

    Great work, it’s nice to be able to shoot at your own pace, I am heading to the smokies tomorrow for a family vacation. Which means my shooting will be few and far between, oh well I will get more chances in the fall. Talk to you later.

  2. fencer Says:

    That feeling of freedom in the back country (or wild areas nearer at hand) is great… I don’t get enough of that, keeping too busy, I’m afraid, with the city life.


  3. forestrat Says:

    This is why my blog is so infrequently updated – I waste my time lying about in the woods.

    Later guys. MDW

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