Ice Formations

Ice bubbles

Wow, has it really been almost three weeks since my last post? Where does the time go? The Thanksgiving holiday was in there and now Christmas is on its way with all the attendant preparations and shopping and what not. We also spent all of last weekend at an art show/sale sponsored by the county museum – it was a blast to hang out with old and new friends and we actually sold some prints, but it did eat up some time.

Anywhoo, here are a few pics I took on my last walk a couple weeks a ago. We have several inches of snow cover on the ground now, but at that time we just had a dusting of snow and some cold nighttime temps.  It won’t be long until everything will be covered in a hard translucent shell offering only vague glimpses of the water flowing beneath, but for now the ice is confined to the edges of things – the edges of the stream, the edges of the gully walls, and in weird bubbly piles at the edges of waterfalls.

More ice

I find taking photos in the dead of winter pretty tricky. The landscape is whitewashed by snow and ice, details are muffled under the bright white blanket, and colors are mostly stored away until spring. This first shot of winter gives an opportunity to get some photos of snow and ice while still holding on to some colorful fallen leaves and some details in the stones.


Hopefully I’ll get the chance to walk around a bit more before winter really settles down on us.



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3 Responses to “Ice Formations”

  1. Mark Says:

    Those are some pretty wild ice formations – normally I see them rather jagged. I don’t think I have ever seen them so rounded.

  2. Bernie Kasper Says:

    The ice formations are really amazing in this Mark, they remind me of cypress knees, great work.

  3. fencer Says:

    The ice is almost otherworldly… interesting to see.


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