Metal and Ice

106-810.jpgIt was pretty quiet this week. The weather continued its up and down thing; one day cold and snowy, the next warm and rainy. Yuk. I got out for a short walk one afternoon when the sun made a rare appearance. It was cold and windy, but I didn’t mind.

The sun makes a big difference no matter what the temperature. It can be ten degrees, but a little sunshine makes it feel almost warm. Dull grey clouds have covered the sky most of the winter so when the sun showed itself one afternoon I couldn’t resist getting outside.

The snow under my feet sparkled with tiny reflections of the sun above. The bare tree limbs even sparkled since they still were covered with a film of ice from a recent bout of freezing rain. Sometimes it got so bright that even with sunglasses on I had to squint my eyes. I liked it.  The wind may have been biting, but the strong warm rays provided an effective balm.

The bright light washed out the LCD screen on my camera so I was shooting blind, without benefit of viewing the pics or their histograms as I took them. It was like using a film camera again. I especially missed the histogram what with all the snow.


I spent a couple of fleeting hours wandering through pastures, fields, and woods behind my house. In the woody spots the trees clacked their hard bony fingers together in the wind and showered me with ice fragments that they shook off. In the open fields small tornadoes of snow swept by the wind leaped up, swirled around me, and then disappeared as their unseen impetus passed by.

A forgotten hay rake sitting in one of the hedgerows year after year provided the rusty metal photos – one of those things that gets parked somewhere on a farm with the intent to come back and collect it, but things steal our attention away.


New equipment is bought or borrowed, different crops replace hay, farmers get old and leave the fields to fend for themselves. Trees grow up twisting around and through the metal weaving it to the ground. It can’t be moved now.



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3 Responses to “Metal and Ice”

  1. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Don’t you just hate it when the glare prevents you from seeing what you are getting in the LCD. It’s a disadvantage of the digital camera. However, there are so many pluses that I’m not really complaining.
    Once again, superb pictures.

  2. fencer Says:

    Rust is just so photogenic…


  3. Bernie Kasper Says:

    Great textures and contrast in this Mark, it’s hard to believe how rust can add a artistic touch to an image !!

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