Just some more water



Well things were pretty quiet this week. Lots of running around and doing stuff without a lot of time to put towards photography.

I went for one quick walk along a gully that I have been visiting for years. Although there is much that is familiar, there is always something new. The stream rises and falls with the weather, trees rise and fall too, the course of the water changes as erosion wears away some barriers and forms new ones as the stones split and shift.

The water falls that are formed from fallen trees subtly change as they slowly decay. Small ones can be swept away in the rush of one spring storm while larger ones can last for several years. The water here has a lot of iron in it so the wood often takes on an orange or red color that shifts as the seasons pass and the layers of wood shed into the water.

It is still early in the Spring for us, but it has been pretty warm already. The stones that during the winter are clean and mostly blue-grey are already starting to turn slippery with growing slime that is sometimes brown and sometimes black. Green moss is starting to build along the edges of the flowing water.

The air is warm enough now that I can take off my boots and socks and wade into the water if I need to in order to get a shot from a particular angle. The water doesn’t ever get what I would call warm even in the summer, but now it still has that springtime icy snap to it so I work until my feet get numb and then struggle out to warm up in the sunshine.



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6 Responses to “Just some more water”

  1. Bernie Kasper Says:

    The change of the seasons are wonderful, I love the images, flowing water is definitely your calling card Mark you do great work with them !!

  2. forestrat Says:

    Thanks Bernie.

  3. Bobbie Says:

    These are just so lovely. I have yet to attempt this type of long exposure photography with flowing water, but your photos (and Bernie’s) are inspiring me to try it soon.

  4. scienceguy288 Says:

    Those are great shots, the long exposure photos are really cool with running water…and the night sky as well.

  5. forestrat Says:

    Thanks for all the kind comments everybody.

    Flowing water is a strange thing. Sometimes I feel like I am tired of the usual long exposure misty thing, but it is hard to get a decent shot without it. Freezing the water completely is cool looking, but hard to achieve without lots and lots of light. Anything in between just looks like a blurry mess.

    Water isn’t like a car going past where it is moving side to side while the actual car is solid. Flowing water is not only passing by, but it is changing shape in a zillion different directions at the same time.


  6. Bobbie Says:

    What you describe is a truly fluid situation! (Heh heh, sorry — couldn’t resist.)

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