Of Fishing Lures, Shirt Sleeves, and the Tooth Fairy



As they say on TV: “…and now for something completely different.”

The first three weeks of April were some of the warmest and driest on record for western NY. Heading into May things took a turn toward more typical cold rainy weather.

You know, I can go hiking all day in the middle of January when the temperature is 15F and I’m wet from shooting waterfalls so that my clothes are freezing solid without thinking much about it. On the other hand standing around at my son’s t-ball practice for two hours when it is a drippy overcast windy 45F is brutal. It is all I can do not to go sit in the car until it is all over.

Anyway, on my day off this week I could not go hiking. The wife needed the car and it was too cold (frost everywhere this morning) to take the motorcycle. I decided to take some pics anyway. Let’s see what to shoot… I wandered around the house and just shot whatever caught my eye – probably not the most amazing photos ever, but it was kinda fun.

I opened up my fishing tackle box. This is the box that my dad and I used throughout my childhood and now that he is gone, I’ve taken it over. I don’t get the chance to go fishing much these days so the box hasn’t changed much. My son and I have been out a few times and he seems to like it so I expect I’ll be going more in the future.

I didn’t try to arrange anything for the photos. I just opened it up and shot whatever was on top. There were some interesting things there. This one has a lure lying on top of another lure with an old rusting tube of reel gear grease nearby. That tube of grease probably hasn’t been used in 30 years. I like to use that top lure. It is a floating popper plug dealie.

shirtsAfter a few other fishing shots, I wandered off to the closet. My wife and I designed and built our house ourselves so our closet it kind of big. It’s more the size of a small bedroom actually so there was room for the camera and tripod. I took some shots of my shirt sleeves of all things. They aren’t that exciting, but I liked the colors and the textures of the various materials all lined up together. I like colors I guess.

I wandered out to the garage and here and there for an hour or so until returning to my office. The last thing that I decided to shoot was this note for the tooth fairy that my son left on my work table. He likes to come in while I’m working on this stinking computer and draw things with my disc marking pens and highlighters and pens and pencils on paper swiped from my printer.

One night before bed we read a story about a girl who wrote notes to the tooth fairy in order to sway her toward specific gifts in exchange for the tooth. Forget that loose change stuff, I want a unicorn or whatever. Calvin decided to do something similar the next time he lost a tooth.

Oddly enough over the next couple of weeks he lost three teeth. He lost two on successive days! He was busy writing notes. This was one that the tooth fairy returned with her own note inside and it got left on my table next to some pens. Again I just like the colors and also the fact that the note is monochromatic. I also like that there are words in the photo. My pics don’t usually include words.


Well, that’s it for now. Next week I expect to be back in the woods. See you then.




4 Responses to “Of Fishing Lures, Shirt Sleeves, and the Tooth Fairy”

  1. lookingforbeauty Says:

    Nice to hear you puttering around the house. The tooth fairy business is quite funny.

  2. fencer Says:

    Nice story about the tooth fairy…

    Do you ever shoot more macro… real close close-ups?


  3. forestrat Says:

    I sometimes try to take real close up photos. They never seem to turn out for me.

    One problem is that I need to buy a good quality macro lens. Currently I just use my regular lens and screw on diopters. The more of these lenses you screw on to your lens, the closer you get. This works OK and I seem to remember reading about a guy that specializes in bug photos using them to good advantage, but I expect a quality macro lens would improve my results a bunch.

    Another problem is that the closer you get the more shallow is the depth of field. I have kind of a mania about needing everything in my photos really sharp. I ditch a lot of close-up pics because some parts of the image are blurred.

    I know that leaving some parts of an image out of focus can actually be a good thing that makes the main subject stand out and whatever. Bernie over at BFK uses this technique a lot with flowers and I really like his work. I just can’t seem to make myself do it.


  4. Bernie Kasper Says:

    Thanks for the plug Mark, but you don’t see how many of those I throw out !!

    The Tooth Fairy photo is really neat, it has a wonderful feel to it, very nice !!

    BTW have you seen the going rate on lost teeth these days :)

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