Wet, wet, wet ,wet, wet. It has been raining off and on for several days and it is raining now. Wet trees, wet grass, wet rocks, wet clothes, wet face, wet boots, wet socks.

I thought about not walking today. I could stay home and do some printing and framing which I have been putting off. Nah. It isn’t raining too hard… It might be good to try some different light and besides I can be pretty sure that I’ll have the soggy muddy old forest to myself.

I started out at the top of the hill and walked through the trees until I reached a stream (of course) and followed it down. I soon came to a large drop that I couldn’t climb down what with the rocks being wet and slippery and all. So then a struggle up the hill to the ridge and through the trees until I could find a likely spot to go back down again.

Part way down the hill I realized that I had turned in too soon and I ended up spending a long time working back and forth across the slope using tree trunks, exposed roots, rock ledges, and anything else I could get my hands and feet on to reach the bottom in one piece. The last twenty feet or so I just had to flop down and slide on the mud.

It is a good thing that my camera (Nikon D200) is sealed pretty well against the weather. Besides the usual spray from waterfalls, today there is the rain. Sometimes I try to ward off the drops with my hands and sometimes I wrap a plastic bag over the whole shebang (except the lens of course). Now I’ve smeared it nicely with mud from my hands.

I slid and slithered down the gully until I reached the bottom. The trouble with starting at the top and working down is that eventually one has to get back to the top. I trudged up the hill on a trail though the woods. The clouds broke up and the sun came out while I was walking, but I had to get home early today so I just kept going.

You might notice that the photos in this post don’t show much evidence of the rain. Well I’m afraid that I cheated. They came from a previous hike. I didn’t like any of the shots I took on this day – bummer.



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3 Responses to “Wet”

  1. Bernie Kasper Says:

    The housing on the d200 is wonderful Mark, I have done everything except dunk mine in ten feet of water and it still works great !!

    BTW the images are still beautiful even if they are not from this hike ! :)

  2. fencer Says:

    That’s interesting the D200 holds up so well… My wife has one, and she’s always a little afraid of inclement weather with it, but your experience is encouraging.



    The light in the fern photo is exquisite.

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