A Ghost

Swirling Water

Something in the world feels different. Just a vague misty hint that rolls around in the back of mind while I’m walking. Haunting; it is just out of reach.

A murder of crows, a dozen maybe, lift out of the trees with a harsh chorus of caws. The sounds echo in my thoughts and briefly the spectre takes shape and then fades again before I can grasp and hold it.

A breath of air flowing down the gully brings a scent of earth and leaves and moss – something is there.

The sun breaks out of the clouds and slants warmly through the trembling leaves. It touches my face. That something floats in the quality of the light. There it is again.  Gone.

Yellow Leaf

I sit on a stony ledge beside a waterfall, sipping a drink, writing in my journal. A shadow flits randomly over the smooth floor beneath the water. A butterfly?

I glance up. It’s a leaf gently falling. It lands on the surface of the water just above its shadow. The water carries it down towards me where it gets caught in a shallow eddy on the other side of the stream. Yellow and mottled with brown it sits waiting for some subtle change in the current to send it on its way again.

The birds, the sun, the air, the leaf – the feel of the earth. The ghost steps out of the dark recess – Autumn.

It is only the beginning of August. Summer is hot and bright in the middle. Ah, but on the edges it is beginning to fray. Like cloth left too long in the wind and storms and sun, it is starting to unravel. Autumn waits it turn impatiently. It tugs at the loose threads.


The time of its ascendancy is short. It needs to get started. All too quickly it will be stripped away by the icy blasts of Winter. Summer holds on – for now. It may rally; a few weeks of gold before it finally goes up in the final flare of Autumn.



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4 Responses to “A Ghost”

  1. fencer Says:

    Wow, neat photos again… you’ve got the eye. That leaf and the water is an amazing shot.


  2. forestrat Says:

    Thanks fencer. Although I really like Autumn, I’m not quite ready to be done with Summer. I hope not too many of those leaves land in the water yet.



    Beautiful photos. I like the leaf especially, but the grasses (are they grasses?) are very beautiful too. And the rock/water. I wouldn’t want to have to choose. between them.
    Your writing is very evocative. I enjoy it every time.

  4. forestrat Says:


    That bottom photo does look like grass. I hadn’t thought of that. It is actually a shot of water bouncing off of some rocks and flying in little arcs.


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