Clouds and Sun

Swirling Water

A night of thunderstorms – pouring rain rapping against the windows – lightning flashes flickering on the ceiling – rumblings half heard and half felt in sleep.

Then comes the morning holding the promise of sunshine, but still and grey for now. It waits for the warm sun to roll back the cool misty blankets.

I try to take some photographs. I’m not in the mood yet. The light is not right yet. So I sit on a rock. I wait for the sun.

A breeze comes up. Slowly the clouds begin to shift and swirl and thin. They tatter and break.

I begin to stir. I shake the cobwebs out of my head and the dampness from my bones. Time to take some pictures.

It is a slow day for some reason. I take many shots of the same thing – never really satisfied. I’m looking for the right light, the right angle, the right speed, and the right feel. It doesn’t come easy today.

I spend a lot of time waiting for the clouds to cooperate. Sometimes I wait for them to hide the sun – mostly I wait for them the get out of the way and let it brighten things up a bit. The light waxes and wanes, pulsing irregularly. Time and again I have to re-shoot because the light changed in the middle of an exposure.



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