The end of Forest Rat?

Well I see that it has been better than 7 months since my last post. I’m really sorry about that. It’s been a long strange trip.

I don’t want to go into details here, but a couple of things have kept me from blogging.

The big one has been my wife’s illness. I’ve spent a good part of the past months either at one of several hospitals or at home taking care of my son. My wife is not 100% yet, but she is home and starting to pick back up where she left off.

In the meantime after working 19 years at a small midwestern medical lab, I’ve lost my job. The lab was bought out by a much larger national lab and was slowly absorbed. I knew where all the data was kept so I lasted for quite a while, but once it all got moved over to their data center, I wasn’t needed anymore.

I decided to take a chance and use this as an oppurtunity to take a break from computers and see if I can make it on my own as a photographer. Yikes!

To make this work I’ll need to branch out from the artsy stuff I’ve been doing and get into portraiture and commercial work – something that might actually afford me an income. I decided I need a more general name for the business to go along. After playing around with lots of crazy ideas, I finally decided to keep it simple and just name it Mark Whitney Photography.

I’ve started a new blog at and a new website at

It’s all in the early stages so bear with me as I get it all ramped up. I need to get things going soon – living off severance and savings with no income is getting real scary.

I’m going to leave Forest Rat here, but any new posts will be over at the new blog. I’d love it if you checked it out.

Thanks for all your support and kind comments over the years and I hope to continue to hear from you.



6 Responses to “The end of Forest Rat?”

  1. fencer Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Glad to see this post… missed seeing new ones.

    I will check out your new blog…

    Sorry to hear about your wife: it’s good to hear that she’s recovering.

    I wish you well in your new venture… you’re a great photographer and now perhaps many more people will be able to find that out.


  2. flandrumhill Says:

    I’ve missed seeing new posts too but kept hoping. Yesterday I saw some small waterfalls in the woods and thought about how brilliantly you would have captured them.

    I hope you’ll be able to keep your love for photography alive while trying to make a living from it. No easy task.

    The very best of wishes to you and your family.

  3. Jeff Caldwell Says:

    Mark { Forest Rat } My name is Jeff C. I posted on your blog page about Redkey, In. I’m going back this weekend and thought about some of the pictures and comments made by various people. I wish that page would take off again. I really enjoyed all the stories of the old town and actually new most of the people, who left messages. I hope, you return that page some day. The way you tell your stories, takes me back to the good old days in Redkey. I live out of state now but, go back often. Best wishes to you and your family.
    Jeff C.

    • MDW Says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for the kind words. With the holidays approaching I expect I’ll be back visiting Redkey and I’ll bring my camera. Maybe we can start a new thread on my new blog.


  4. Jeff Caldwell Says:

    Thanks for the reply, I hope we can. I think if, more people would discover the blog, it would be a success! I found that blog by mistake and I really enjoyed reading all of the stories. I will be watching for your pictures and comments. Your pictures and words, really capture the old town. Pleas stop in at Small Town pizza while you are in town. A friend of mine owns it. They have great pizza and breakfast, seven days a week.

  5. yoshikoweaver19763 Says:

    Denys was clearly being a little silly if his idea of a poem meant that everything had to rhyme. Click

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