Disclaimer, Policies, Etc


Anything that I write on this web log is from my own little pea brain. The opinions expressed here are my own and do not represent those of my employer or any other person or institution with which I may be affiliated. Heck, my own family might not agree with what I say.

I am not being paid for advertising any particular products or services (except for my own little projects which I will plug shamelessly). If I pan or praise a product or service, it is strictly my opinion from my personal experiences.

If I include links to other blogs or web sites, all bets are off. I can’t control what they do over there. They may change, add, or remove content without my knowledge.

All original content (including photographs) is Copyright me. All rights reserved. Linked and quoted content is Copyright of the respective owner(s).


Please play nice with the other children when making comments. I don’t expect this site to be a hotbed of incendiary topics, but just in case, please watch your language and be respectful of other people and their views. Don’t make me stop this car!


Thanks to WordPress for letting me set up this blog. Someday I’ll get my own server, but right now I’m working too close to the bone to afford it.

Thanks also to my family for putting up with this photography stuff. There are times that I am squirreled away in my office working on photos, or my web site, or now this blog when I could be spending time with them. Also I know that buying camera equipment definitely cuts into my son’s funding for his ever growing Thomas the Tank Engine empire.


2 Responses to “Disclaimer, Policies, Etc”

  1. Don Stevens Says:

    Hello, this is Don from Wick-edly Sent in Canandaigua NY. I read your blog, and your work is exceptional! I was wondering if you can help a new small business. We make all our own soy candles, lotion, soaps. We also have wine scented candles. Can we please have a link to our business site, it is a great place to visit, people can also custom create their own scent in our aromabar. Quite different from a wine bar, but just as fun! Let me know, I can contribute with a donation, or products. I also copywrite for some websites and other blogs with articles.

    Don Stevens
    Website info:
    Title: Wick-edly Sent Scented Candles
    URL: http://www.escentedcandle.com

  2. forestrat Says:


    I’ll see what I can do. I’ve been meaning to put a links page on my website for a while, but I never seem to find the time to update the site as often as I should – as you can probably tell from the spotty updates to this blog.


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